Saving and Investing Just Got Sexy

Saving money is boring.  Why?  Seeing banks offer a return on investment equal to one tenth of one percent, or maybe one percent for a Certificate of Deposit is enough to suck the air right out of the room.  How do we get the Diva back into dollars; the rumble back into return on investment?  Commercial Real Estate.

Until now, investing into commercial real estate required serious cash and specialized expertise. Now you can invest with consistency and confidence in something most investors will cite as the sexiest asset in investing — Commercial Real Estate!  This wasn’t even possible just a few short years ago.  BuildingBITS is a platform for you, the individual investor, to gain access to commercial real estate unlike any other, an investment vehicle providing choice in locations, property type and risk tolerance and liquidity.


The pillars of investing are preservation of capital and earning a yield that keeps your nest egg growing without losing ground to inflation.  Parking your money in a bank doesn’t do that. Never has.  It is important to have a diversified portfolio that allows for earning a decent return on your money.

A personal financial planner will recommend an array of options that include stocks, bonds and real estate. While they often suggest keeping 3-6 month’s cash on hand for a rainy day, investing for yield is key to reaching your investment goals. No longer an “alternative” asset class, Commercial Real Estate has gone mainstream. BuildingBITs allows you to add a conservative long-term, higher yield savings class to your strategy.No longer an “alternative” asset class, Commercial Real Estate has gone mainstream.

You don’t have to be a high rolling risk-taker investing millions to buy into an equity interest in a commercial building. Technology platforms and companies like BuildingBITs do the heaving lifting —  research, purchase, lease negotiations and management are done for you. Unlike a boring savings account of a piece of paper, Real Estate is backed by a real-life asset – a building you can see and touch! Talk about sexy! You choose the property and your investment goes to work for you earning income and hedging against inflation.


Investing in Commercial Real Estate isn’t really a tough decision. It’s proven to have historically compelling returns. The only hard part is deciding which property you like best! BuildingBITs is just getting started sourcing the reliable and fully vetted offerings. So be one of the first to pre-reserve your bits!